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bullet Cpl Stahr
01 Sep : 07:12
The Unit General Order of Disbandment is posted on the Front & Center page per instruction - 1/Cpl. Stahr
bullet Cpl Stahr
22 Jul : 10:53
The Last Soldier link in our site's menu will now direct you to its own Last Soldier web address, which is outside this site.
bullet Cpl Stahr
20 Jul : 13:18
Special Order #38 has been published on the Front & Center page of this web site.
bullet Cpl Stahr
10 Jun : 11:06
The Clayton County Monument project was completed with great personal effort in time and money by the members of the 49th!
This is another tangible example of our stated mission…we are NOT a paper unit, but an active, hard-working, committed group of men.
I am a proud member of an organization who remembers those who have served & are serving today.
1/Cpl. Stahr
bullet Cpl Stahr
31 May : 13:06
Full Military Honors rendered to Sgt. Isaac Ford; no better way to spend Decoration Day!
bullet Cpl Stahr
28 Apr : 08:29
The new Rules & Regulations are published and may be viewed by clicking the R & R link in the top menu.
bullet Cpl Stahr
04 Mar : 10:44
"...With malice toward none, with charity for all..."
Remembering Father Abraham's Second Inaugural Address, 150 years ago today, on March 4, 1865.
bullet Cpl Stahr
12 Feb : 08:47
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Father Abraham!
bullet Cpl Stahr
01 Jan : 14:45
Happy New Year, Brother Riflemen and to all our visitors!
1/Cpl Stahr
bullet Cpl Stahr
10 Oct : 07:59
Please take NOTICE:

Special Order #36 has been posted on the Front & Center page.

Mission Statement

Per Angusta ad Augusta

Through Difficulties to Honors

The motto of Company “A” 49th Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Welcome to the Internet home of “The Governor’s Own Iowa Rifles” of Company “A” 49th Regiment of Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Honor Guard Unit for the Iowa Military Heritage Society

It shall be the on-going mission of the Honor Guard of the Iowa Military Heritage Society to honor the part that Iowans have played in all of this nation’s military forces during times of both peace and war. To educate the public at large about the service and sacrifice of Iowans in the defense of our nation and to preserve, protect, and restore the physical monuments to said services and sacrifices.

We shall be involved in on-going efforts in the area of historic preservation of the artifacts of military service of our ancestors to include graves registration and restoration and assisting families and communities in the obtaining and placing of government gravestones at cemeteries across the state of Iowa and beyond when called upon to do so. We shall remain deeply committed and involved with the programs and projects of the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs and the Iowa Military Cemetery at Van Meter for programs such as mass committals of cremains through the “Missing in America Project”; and, the annual “Wreaths Across America Project”.

We shall, to the extent possible, be involved in community based patriotic events, parades, funerals and remembrance services, dedications and re-dedication ceremonies for public monuments, county fairs, the Iowa State Fair, municipal celebrations and at events at venues such as Living History Farms, Iowa's Gold Star Museum at Camp Dodge, programs at National Guard Armories around the state; educational events at schools and other venues; and, at other military related events; and, shall engage in the rendering of “full military honors” according to strict military protocols and regulations at the gravesides of veterans when requested, and deemed to be militarily appropriate.

As a secondary mission, the Regiment shall be actively seeking to ascertain the name and locations of all Civil War veterans who lay buried under Iowa soil; and, to register these burials upon the SUVCW’s National Graves Registration Project website. It is imperative that this information be compiled for future generations and this Regiment shall be in the vanguard of making this a reality

This unit shall support the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign, the United States Marine Corps’ “Toys for Tots” Christmas Campaign, and the Wounded Warrior Project. We shall seek to cement relationships with all other veteran’s related organizations and support the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs as well as the National Veterans Administration and its various and sundry programs to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans both in and out of uniform.

We shall continue to provide Military Flag Retirement services to the City of Des Moines, Iowa, and Polk County Conservation Departments on an “as-needed” basis.

Within the unit itself we shall all continually instruct one another in military courtesy, rank recognition and appropriate military protocol, and shall maintain the highest standards of discipline when in the uniform of the Regiment and/or its sub units.

It is anticipated that, in future, there will be an actual "Manual for Guardsmen of the 49th Iowa" published, and that there may be a basic written or oral examination of candidates before accepting applicants into the Regiment. There may also be formulated a basic "Camp of Instruction" period for new members of the Regiment that must be completed before the new Guardsmen will be allowed to participate in public functions as a full member of the Regiment.

Yours, most sincerely, on behalf of the Regiment,

David M. Lamb
1/Lt., Commanding
The Governor’s Own Iowa Rifles

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