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01 Sep : 07:12
The Unit General Order of Disbandment is posted on the Front & Center page per instruction - 1/Cpl. Stahr
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22 Jul : 10:53
The Last Soldier link in our site's menu will now direct you to its own Last Soldier web address, which is outside this site.
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20 Jul : 13:18
Special Order #38 has been published on the Front & Center page of this web site.
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10 Jun : 11:06
The Clayton County Monument project was completed with great personal effort in time and money by the members of the 49th!
This is another tangible example of our stated mission…we are NOT a paper unit, but an active, hard-working, committed group of men.
I am a proud member of an organization who remembers those who have served & are serving today.
1/Cpl. Stahr
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31 May : 13:06
Full Military Honors rendered to Sgt. Isaac Ford; no better way to spend Decoration Day!
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The new Rules & Regulations are published and may be viewed by clicking the R & R link in the top menu.
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04 Mar : 10:44
"...With malice toward none, with charity for all..."
Remembering Father Abraham's Second Inaugural Address, 150 years ago today, on March 4, 1865.
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12 Feb : 08:47
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Father Abraham!
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01 Jan : 14:45
Happy New Year, Brother Riflemen and to all our visitors!
1/Cpl Stahr
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10 Oct : 07:59
Please take NOTICE:

Special Order #36 has been posted on the Front & Center page.

Rank & File
The Governor's Own Iowa Rifles

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack...

David M. Lamb
1st Lieutenant The Governor’s Own

67 years old
Des Moines Native
DM North 1964
AA in Linguistics/AS in Criminal Justice-DMACC
BA (History) / BS (Anthropology) ISU 1980
MA (Mil History) Univ. of Virginia 1986
MA (Anthrop) So. IL. Univ., 2006

United States Army (Military Intelligence/Counter-Insurgency Warfare Specialist) 1964-1969. Iowa National Guard/ USMC Reserve 1974-1977. IRR/IR Army until 1982. Police Officer, City of Savannah, Georgia; Deputy Sheriff, Polk County, Iowa 1969-1977. 23 years as Drug Enforcement Investigator, Iowa Board of Nursing-Retired. Free-lance Archaeologist.

Genealogy: Scots (Father), English (Mother), small Native American blood quantum on father’s maternal family side.

3 ancestors served in the Highland regiments of the British Army in the Crimea; 3 in the Continental Army of the American Revolution; 4 in the American Civil War (Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Iowa Regiments); Father served in WWI; Oldest brother (Career Jarhead) served in WWII, Korea and was in Vietnam at the same time that I was (1966-1968). Two nephews who served (One was a computer geek in the 7th Army Headquarters and the Pentagon; one retired as a CSM out of the 9th Special Forces Group(Europe) and was pretty much there whenever anyone fired a shot in anger over the past 30 years.
Divorced, but fortunate enough to have found the love of my life in Miss Dana Peterson, whose phone number I was lucky enough to have gotten, before the gym teacher called the police.


Mike Rowley
Regimental Color Sergeant

53 yrs old
Des Moines Native
St. Theresa's 1971
Dowling H.S. 1975
ISU grad 1979

Married (Mary Andreae, of Ames, IA) for 29 years and 2 days (who's counting)
2 Sons (University of Iowa-OUCH!)

30 year sales representative in Iowa for what is now (after many mergers) GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (Vaccine Division for last 12 years)

Genealogy (mostly English, 1/256th Scotish, 1/256th German) and History interest since visiting the old Historical Building with my grandmother many times and hearing her stories (which it turns out were mostly true).
Direct ancestors came over on the Mayflower (Edward and Mrs Fuller), at least 8 4th and 5th great-grandfathers served in American Revolutionary War, 1 g-g-g-grandfather served in the War of 1812 (2 weeks), 2 g-g-grandfathers served in the Civil War, my father served in England, Normandy, North Africa, Belgium and other areas during WWII, my nephew served in Iraq and I try to honor all of them with our activities. Willing to help others with genealogy if I can.


Richard (Jake) Grim
Color Sergeant

Born and raised in Bloomfield, Iowa.

Received a high school education from the Davis County Community School system.

Joined SUVCW in 2006.

Past Camp Commander for the Power/Dunlavy Camp #3 in Bloomfield, Iowa. Also, I am the Department Commander, Iowa SUVCW.

I hold rank in Sons of Veterans Reserve of Color Sergeant in Co. A, 49th Iowa Volunteer Infantry; "The Governor's Own".

My ancestor is GG Grandfather, Jessie Luther, who served with Co. I, 211th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.

I belong to the Civil War Shooting Association (CWSA). I enjoy live fire events and shooting a variety of Civil War weapons in competition.

Have been told I am very photogenic.

My words of wisdom to all is: "Life is hard. It's even harder if you’re stupid".


Henry Krecklow


Born in Iowa in 1953

Lived in California from age 11 until 1978

I moved back to Iowa with my wife Tena and family.

Began employment with the Council Bluffs Fire Dept. in 1980 and served that Department for 30 years raising in rank to Captain and Paramedic.

I have been a member of the Sons of Union Veterans since 2002 and in the Veteran Reserve since 2003. I've always an interest in the Civil War and in Military History in general.


Louis A. Zenti Jr.

40 years old
Des Moines Native
Dowling High School 1988
ISU 1992

Married ( Karen Thompson Tegucigalpa, Honduras) . Four children ( 3 girls and a boy...finally)

Occupation:Work in a company that fabricates wire mesh fencing products for government and high security facilities.

My ancestry is 87% Italian. My Mom's father was only half Italian and served in the US Army Air Corps during WW 2. His mother, my G Grandmother, was of English decent. From her I have a GGG Grandmother that lost her 1st husband in the Civil War at the battle of Springfield on January 8, 1863 fighting with the 18th Iowa Infantry. This GGG Grandmother also had 2 brothers ( my GGG Uncles) that fought with the 12th Illinois Infantry. One of them was killed at the Feburary 15, 1862 battle/siege of Ft. Donelson. GGGGG Grandfather Thomas Triggs served in the Ohio Militia during the War of 1812. Still working on the Family Tree trying to find a Revolutionary Patriot.

On my Dad’s side, I have my Grandfather that fought for Italy in World War 1 and nearly lost his life in a mustard gas barrage.


James Braden
1st Sergeant

Residing in Macedonia is scenic Western Iowa
Married (Sharon) and employed in the IT industry
Past Department Commander of Iowa
Currently serving as Department Of Iowa Eagle Scout Coordinator


Ron Rittel

Sgt. Rittel joined the General Grenville M. Dodge Camp of the SUVCW in 1998 after doing extensive genealogical research and discovering no less than three direct ancestors that had served in the Union Armies of the American Civil War. Ron became involved with the SVR as one of the founding members of the 37th Iowa “Greybeards” (the state’s first chartered SVR unit); and, spent several years being involved in “re-enactments” and doing “living history” presentations before finding his “true calling” in Company “A” 49th Regiment Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry, The Governor’s Own.

In addition to his work in the SVR, Sgt. Rittel was involved in the starting of no fewer than four Camps in Iowa; served as a Camp Commander and is the current Secretary/Treasurer of Dodge Camp in Des Moines. Sgt. Rittel is a Past Department Commander of the Department of Iowa.

Sgt. Rittel is a military veteran, having served from 1969 to 1973 in the United States Air Force. He attended college for three-years in Colorado, and one-year at Iowa State University. Ron is a US Postal Service employee, and has been married to his wife Marilyn since 1969. Marilyn is , herself, a member of the Dodge Auxiliary #8 of the Department of Iowa; and, a PDP of that august Order.

The Rittels have two sons (one of whom is also a member of this Regiment); and, two grandsons. Ron spends much of his free time when not participating in Regimental events, in doing research at the Iowa State Historical Library and the Iowa Genealogy Society in Des Moines.


Court S. Stahr
1st Corporal


David Sample

Age 55

Born and reared in Davis County

Graduated from Davis County High school.

Married to his lovely wife, Kathy, for 36 years.

Corporal and Mrs. Sample live on a large acreage, some of which he mows for hay, most of which is in timber. When not mowing hay or wearing the uniform of the 49th Iowa, David works as a truck driver to finance his interests in life. David's membership in the Powers-Dunlavy Camp of the SUVCW is based upon his ancestral lineage from a Great-great grandfather who served with
Company "F' of the 30th Iowa Volunteer Infantry from 1862-1864.

Corporal Sample's enlistment into the ranks of the Governor's Own is Color Sergeant Jake Grim's fault.


Andrew Braden

Full-time student at Western Iowa Tech Community College
Transferring to Iowa State University in the Fall of 2010


Paul F. Stigers

50 Years-old
Des Moines Native
DM North High School 1978
BA Commercial Art Grand View University
Occupation: Graphic designer.

Having a deep interest in the Civil War, Revolutionary War and American history in general, Paul joined the regiment in the spring 2011.

Paul’s grandmother, Dorothy Bissell Stigers, inspired him to research his family's history after her initial work in joining the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution). Paul joined the 49th to honor and keep alive the memory of his great, great grandfathers, W. F. Eshbaugh and Hiram Bissell, both Civil War veterans, as well as to honor all those who have served in the nation’s most defining war.

Paul is a direct descendent of the Bissell family of Connecticut, founders of East Windsor, CT. The Bissell family has served their country since the Revolutionary War, coming to the Colonies shortly after the first immigrants from England arrived on the Mayflower.

Paul has other ancestors who served in the Civil War and he honors all of them by serving in the 49th Iowa, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.


Frank Hanna

Born on 26 June, 1945 in Webster City, Iowa.

He graduated from Morningside College in 1965 with a BA in History and Political science.

Travelled extensively during his college years visiting Europe, Africa, and the Middle East…later earned Master of Arts degrees in both Urban Planning and Health Care Administration.

Frank enlisted in the United States Army in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam conflict. Frank was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division and did a tour of duty with the 25th Infantry Divisions’ artillery at Cu Chi.

Since retiring from a career in urban planning and sales, Frank has remained active in his family farm business, studying history, and volunteering as a docent at the Iowa State Historical Museum in Des Moines. Frank enlisted in the 49th Iowa in late March of 2010 after meeting several members of the Governor’s Own Honor guard at the Saint Patrick’s Day event at the museum that month. He has successfully completed his requisite initial year of service to the Regiment and has just re-enlisted for his first three-year commitment.

Descendant of James Steele Hanna, 57th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment. James was wounded severely at the Battle of Shiloh, but remained on active surface until the end of the war.

Another ancestor (James R. Hanna, the son of S.S. Hanna) was at one time a working cowboy on a cattle ranch out West, before being among the first to graduate with a Masters in Arts from Highland Park University in Des Moines. James R. Hanna would one day become Mayor of the City of Des Moines.

Frank was married to Joan in November of 2008. They have two adult children (from previous marriages). Frank and Joan also have a cat named “Coconut” who lives with them in Urbandale, Iowa.


Portrait Photos by:
Dana Rochelle & David Lamb

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