R.A.G.B.R.A.I. 2010

Efforts in Support of the Dept. of Iowa SUVCW Sesquicentennial Committee

On Thursday and Friday. July 29th and 30th, elements of the Forty-Ninth Iowa deployed to the Hart Ridge Golf Course on the Western edge of Manchester, Iowa to take part in funds-raising efforts of the Dept. of Iowa’s Sesquicentennial Committee as we set up to greet the thousands of bicyclists that were nearing the Eastern terminus of their week-long ride.
Joining with members of the 3rd Iowa Independent Light Artillery and other area re-enactors, Guardsmen of the “Governor’s Own” set up our typical educational displays under canvas tents and flies, graciously provided by RCS Krock (who was dressed in 1860 Marine uniform); and CS Thompson, who keeps his artillerist tendencies close at hand for such events. Corporals J. Braden (Department Commander) and A. Braden arrived with the rains on Friday morning to assist throughout the day with meeting and greeting the hundred who visited us as they arrived wet and tired from their ride in the rains from their previous night’s stopover in Waterloo.
By around noon-time, the rains had blown through and the sun would shine on the rest of the events of the day; which included repeated opportunities for visitors to fire off the rifles, pistols and cannons, much to the delight of our cyclist friends.

We met and visited with people from at least fifteen states as well as Germany, Australia, Italy, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Austria, Japan, China, and New Zeeland to name but a few.
Early in the afternoon, Department Commander James Braden and RCS Krock (who pretty much orchestrated the entire event) presented the owner of Hart Ridge Golf Course, Mr Bill Gearhart, with a certificate of appreciation and a Sesquicentennial Tee-shirt as a small token of our thanks for hosting this event. Bill also took a turn at firing off everything that we brought that would “go boom” and looked as delighted as a schoolboy with that opportunity. He is talking about having another event next year…even if the bicycle riders don’t come.
That would absolutely delight many in the “re-enactor community” from that area who were bemoaning the recent collapse of several other events in that area over recent years.
I committed the Forty-Ninth to supporting any future events of this nature that we can attend in support of this worthwhile cause.
As to whether the “RAGBRAI’ers” enjoyed themselves, the accompanying photos pretty much tell the story.

1/Sgt. David M. Lamb

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