Dahl's AAR
After-Action Report

25 July 2010
Dahl's on Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines

Some thing in life are just so rewarding that we want to do them all over again. Things like being a kid again and eating cotton-candy while watching fireworks; or, sleeping in on a Summer's morning with a cool breeze wafting through your room bringing the smell on Mom's bacon sizzling in the skillet downstairs in the kitchen...and you know that she is cooking it just for you.

Returning to visit our friends at the Des Moines area Dahl's stores is another of those things. And this we can do whenever our schedule allows thanks to the enormously supportive part that the grocery chain has played by provided us their whole-hearted support in our fund-raising efforts.

Photos: Dana Rochelle

On Sunday of this past week, five guardsmen and one lady of the 49th Iowa set up our display of historic artifacts at the entrance to the store at 35th and Ingersoll Avenue and spend just 4 hours meeting and greeting shoppers as they came and went. In that time we met hundreds of people, answered dozens of questions about everything from the wearing of wool in July, to the part played by George Custer at the Battle of Gettysburg. And at the end of the day the Monuments Restoration Project coffers grew by the amount of $172.00.

We also began our efforts this morning on photographing each individual member of the Regiment in-front-of our Regimental colors to post on this website in an up-coming biographical sketch that will be found in a sub-index called “Rank and File” that will soon be added to this website.

1st Sgt David M. Lamb
The Governor's Own Iowa Rifles

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